Reasons To Get In Touch With A Workers' Compensation Attorney

Occupational injuries or injuries acquired in the workplace are very common unlike  what most people would think. According to studies, there are about three million non-fatal workplace accidents and injuries in U.S. in 2013. Although many workplace injuries are obviously occurring in work environments with higher risk for accidents or injuries such as coal mines, construction sites, oil rigs, et cetera, there are still a substantial amount of accidents and injuries that occur in safer work environments.

What Is Workers' Compensation?

Workers' compensation is a type of insurance that most companies are required to carry in order to provide protection and coverage for illnesses or injuries that happen in the workplace. However, the negative side to this is that there is no guarantees that you will be granted full reimbursement for lost wages, medical expenses as well as pain or suffering resulting from an accident in the workplace. It is therefore very important to be in contact with a reliable and trustworthy
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You are no longer capable of working

There are accidents in the workplace that are so severe that it results in disability which means you will no longer be able to work again. Unfortunately, insurance companies that handle workers' comp do everything possible just to avoid handing out huge settlement checks. You will therefore need the services of an experienced workers' compensation lawyer from that will handle negotiations in your behalf.  Settlements for permanent disabilities must be substantial enough to last you and your family the entire duration of your working years, thus you will need the best legal representation to avoid being shortchanged. A workers' comp attorney will be able to help you secure the best possible permanent disability settlement.

There was negligence involved

Whether an employer has insurance or not, it is important to know your rights and your employer's obligations to their employees. Many unscrupulous employers choose not to carry workers' comp because it can be costly, while some employers with insurance may try to deny your claim for reimbursement or settlement. When an injury happens in the workplace, whether through an accident or not, the employer can still be sued for gross negligence. By having a workers compensation attorney at your side, you will be able to explore all possible legal options. An experienced workers' comp attorney from will make sure the company understands the legal ramifications of ignoring or denying a legitimate claim, whether they have insurance or not.